LCMs included genuinely helpful coupons for money off things the customer regularly bought, encouraging the idea that Tesco knows exactly how to help their customers save on the things they need.  


The client wanted to give LCMs a refresh and I worked together with an Art Director and Art Worker to give them a more modern look and feel.


TESCO_LCM_cover TESCO_LCM_inside

LCM Coupon Booklet


In order to personalise the LCMs even more, we included a coupon booklet that contained targeted information such as updates to the customer's local store, special coupons for in-store cafes and an encouragement to get a diabetes check. These were used to enforce the impression that Tesco cares about each individual customer.

LCM_Coupons TESCO_TD_nectarines TESCO_TD_nectarines1



Tesco TDs included vouchers for money off the customer's weekly shop. The client really wanted to highlight the helpful savings that this mailer contained.