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The words you use around your brand are just as important as the branding. When I do a whole copy write we'll work from the ground up, identitfying your target audience, working on the words you want to use and the message you want to get across and then crafting the final sentences you'll put on your site, social media, emails, welcome booklets – or anything you fancy. It's important that it sounds like you at the end of it all so it's a collaborative (and fun!) process. Because each client has individual needs the package looks slightly different for everyone so if you want to know more drop me a note below and I'll give you all the details.


Copy Auditing


Writing about ourselves is never easy but sometimes all it takes is a little help from someone on the outside to get it just right. This is where the Copy Audit comes in. How does it work? You write the copy (or provide me with the copy that's already been written), and I come in and help you tweak and polish it so it really shines. I'll offer suggestions and alternatives, help you think through why you might word something slightly differently, keep an eye out for grammatical and spelling errors, make sure it's not too long (or too short!) and work to keep it all cohesive and on-brand. We'll go through two rounds of writing where I'll provide you with comprehensive document of comments, suggestions, things to think through, different options and alternatives to work with and lots of hints and tips to help you with your writing. By the end of it you'll have polished and professional copy that sounds like you, and you'll be more confident in your writing too!


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